Basic Strategy to Play 5 Card Stud Poker

Many people have often looked for a strategy to win at 5 card stud poker. What one does not realize soon enough is that there can be no sure shot strategy to play any card game. As a wise man once put it, you cannot choose the hand that you are dealt, but you can choose how to deal with the hand that you are dealt. That is the underlying philosophy behind any card game.

Stud poker should be played as any other game when it comes to basic strategy. And the 5 card stud poker in many ways is similar to the 7 card stud poker that is widely played all over. To make up the primary pot, each player has to post an ante before any cards are dealt, which is a fraction of a small bet. And what must be kept in mind at all times, like in other stud poker games, is the cards that the other players have and also those that have been folded. That is the primary strategy that one must always pay a lot of attention to. Most card games are not won by strategy but by a keen observant eye. That is the bread and butter of any player.

The first thing that a player must understand in a game of 5 card stud poker is your opponents tendencies and strategies as this will be important if one wants to master the game. Every player is different from the other and everyone has his own personal and unique style of playing. The sooner you can understand this strategy, the better for you. Some players have a tendency to raise a single and lone ace or two cards or better while some raise in Second Street with any pair of their choosing. If you understand these tendencies and are able to combine this information then you will be in a very good position to know when to call or when to fold when the betting is on the latter streets. Implementing this basic 5 card stud strategy of reading opponents hands is the exactly the same as in more popular 7 card stud.

It is a good idea in 5 card stud poker to get out of hands with more than one player if you happen to have a smaller pair as you are most likely beaten and hence will be chasing two outs in order to take a lead in the game. This is because even if you hit two pair, it will not be good enough against multiple players and hence anything which is smaller than a small pair should be, in most playing situations, folded. At the same time one must understand that this is not a hard and fast rule and one should always be flexible and learn to adapt to the changing situations in the game. That is the true hallmark of a good player.

If you are playing the 5 card stud poker online then you have to be extremely careful with the opening hands as there is nothing quite as important as selecting the right hand for any particular situation. Also you should try and play only on those tables where you have an edge over the others. Following these simple and basic strategies will help you to master the game and go up the ladder.

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