Strategy for 7 card stud poker

So, now that you have joined an online casino and are sitting down at a seven card stud poker table, what’s next? The seven card stud poker has more in it than what meets the eye. It is very important for a player of this game to have a basic strategy to which he should stick to and abandon when the chips are down. But at the same time the player must be flexible and should be able to change and adapt to the developing situations in the game.

In this game, one must remember that the most important moment of each hand is right after the first deal. This is similar to any other poker game. For example those rolled up trips, which in this game is quite a winning hand, need a keen patience to be played as you have to slow down the play and wait until the expensive streets are on, that is when the bets double.

A top pair in this game is a pair of tens, or better than that, and in such a moment, the smart thing for a person to do is to raise. This should be a player’s strategy, to immediately raise if he has a top pair. Another very good hand to play is “three to a flush”. If you do happen to have this hand, then play pot odds so that you can have as many players as possible in order to make a good large pot. This should be your strategy if you do happen to have this hand and hence should be able to maximize your chances of winning as much as possible. One must always remember, in poker, just winning is not important. Winning big is what actually matters. So when you do have a chance of winning, then ensure that you win big.

One has to be extremely smart and observant if he or she wants to do well in a game of seven card stud poker. Because as the game has progressed to later stages, the fifth, the sixth and seventh streets, all the layers are constantly being fed up with very vital information. This is so because now you can see everyone’s open card which provides crucial information. This information is very important and don’t ever forget that it applies to you also. So it will be a very smart idea to formulate a strategy around this information. For example suppose you have a hidden ace with you and two of your other opponents also have one ace showing, then it is safe to imagine that neither has a pair and hence this information can be vital for you.

In order to play this game well and master it, one has to master a few skills that will come in handy during the game. These skills can be applied to both live poker and online poker. One needs to have a strict hand selection method and should have the patience and the discipline to wait for a good hand and then try to maximize the gains instead of losing away the money on bad hands. It is essential that one remembers the cards that his opponents are playing with and the hands that have already been dealt. Once these skills have been mastered, your chances of winning the seven card stud poker increase considerably.

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