Avoid Trap Chasing In Stud Poker

The dealing when you play stud poker is quite general. And the dealing is done in the same way regardless of what limit of stud poker you are geared to play.  An understanding the of the hand rankings in terms of the best and the worse hand in the three card pocket is crucial to play stud poker in a gainful way.  You would not require a lot of memorization to understand the basics of the ranking of starting hands.

•    Trips of Aces, Faces, and tens are good starting hands to play stud poker
•    Paris of Aces, faces and tens with a suited card are good starting hands to play stud poker

If you are going to play just these starting hands when you play stud poker you are likely to play very less hands, you will be folding most of your hands waiting for this combination of cards, but you will surely be winning better than otherwise playing lot of other hands too; however, you can do well when you play stud poker by selecting these hands only when you do not trap yourself to these hands and make hopeless chases when some other hand is making a win. Do not make trap chasing when you play stud poker and it is not recommended for any other kind of poker for that reason.

Those that are recommended about for the tight conservative approach; however, there are some loose players that play stud poker with some other starting hands like those with Ace with suited, Queen with suited and 10 with suited and also any other cards that can possibly give a nut flush or a potential straight or a royal flush.  Most players choose to play any 3 suited cards in pockets if there is one Ace.

•    99x, 88x, 77x are medium pairs.  Js-10s-X, Js-9s-X, 10d-9d-x and something like 8c-7c-x are medium connectors when you play stud poker.
•    A27, A28, 259, A25K, 129 off suits are all weak starting hands when you play stud poker

The first three cards that you get dealt when you play stud poker should tell you whether you have to play or fold.  When you compare the cards to the starting hand guidelines of strong, medium and weak, then the cards will speak to you about how your move can be.  When the cards are going to dictate you to fold, better fold!

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