The WPT has improved the fame of poker

The World Poker Tour is placing tournament poker in the attention and is poised of two different aspects. On one hand, it is a best high wager Texas Holdem event drawing both proletarian as well as poker professionals. On the other hand, it is a TV show on the Travel Channel, planned to hit an immense target viewers of novice poker players. Both in the tournament side and the television side, the events are equally inspiring.

The World Poker Tour has improved the fame of poker all around the world through its poker tournaments and the WPT TV shows seen on the Travel Channel. The World Poker Tour event term starts on in the month of July and ends with the World Poker Tour contest in the month of April at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are also other fourteen poker tournaments on the Tour at different locations ranging from Paris, France, to the mainland USA, to a luxury ocean journey. The only criterion for entering any of these poker events is showing up with the buy-in which is generally $10,000. In every 14 tournaments preceding the WPT contest the winner is given both a $25,000 buy in to the World Poker Tour Championship, and the grand prize for the contest itself.

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